Feature of Duplicate Photo Finder Plus - Comparing Contents in Various Image Formats

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There are two ways to find out the duplicate photos:
1. the easiest but not a proper method for duplicate images searching: comparing whether the files are the same at the binary level, that is, compare the contents of the files. If you cannot fully understand the computer terminology, you can understand this as opening the two picture files with "Notepad" and comparing them character by character.
2. the more proper method for image comparison: analyzing the specific people and things shown in the pictures and performing a series of calculations based on their color, quality, pixels and many other elements, and finally find out the duplicate pictures. Our duplicate photo remover just uses this method.

Based on this, further analysis:
Method 1 can only find out the duplicate pictures that in the same format, e.g. "office.jpg" and "office-bak.jpg", usually, this is caused by intentional or improper operations at the operating system level such as copying and backing up.
And for the duplicate pictures with the same format, if you slightly modify one of the attributes, such as the author, they will no longer be judged as a duplicate pictures, as shown below:
Compare File Contents
Screenshot A: comparing the file contents will lost some duplicates, it's a improper way for a best duplicate photo finder.

For a software product that specializes in finding duplicate photos, this is improper and can even be regarded as a lack of functionality.

Let's look at method 2, since the comparison is based on the image contents, the result is regardless of image formats, we can find out a duplicate photos list like this: "office.jpg", "office-modified.png", "office 2.bmp" and "office-bak.jpg". Sure, method 2 contains the result of method 1 that compares file contents. As shown below:
Compare Image Contents
Screenshot B: comparing the image contents can find out more duplicate photos, this is the right method in or image duplicate finder.

Please note that method 2 has more conditions to participate in the comparison and the algorithm is more complicated, so the speed is not as fast as method 1. However, in order to provide you with more accurate, reasonable and comprehensive results of repeated photos, our image duplicate finder still use method 2 as the core comparison algorithm.

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