Duplicate File Finder Mini is a 100% freeware that used to fast find and clean the large (1 MB+) duplicate files on all your hard disks and removable storage devices, so as to recover your valuable disk space.

It works very fast, usually, doing a fully finding only spend a few seconds depending on the size of your drives (about one minute per 300 GB files). Moreover, it's easy, you will get you wanted just by clicking the "Find Now!" button.

The result will be shown instantly after a finding done: sorting by size in descending, marking the adjacent duplicate file groups by different colors, showing the name, path, size (MB), type, date modified of all files, just for operating them conveniently.

And you can do some common actions for the checked duplicate files / highlighted file in the result listing, such as Save, Load, Move to Recycle Bin, Delete, Open/Run, Open File Location, Uncheck All, Invert Checks and Show Properties. Sure, you can use some options (e.g. whether scan the system / hidden files and exclude the system / special folders or not) to affect the final result.

Please note that it is not only used to save your disk space, but also reduce the management costs and avoid the unnecessary confusion via found and deleted the redundant duplicate files.

At last, two matters needing attention: 1. Only large files would be scanned (1 MB+), because the normal PC users don't care about the small files which can only recover a little disk space. 2. The Mini edition compares files by size, not file name or last modified date. And it does not compare the file contents, however, for the large files, it can ensure the most duplicate files are right, but not 100%, so, please carefully remove the very small part of the uncertainty duplicate files.
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Download Download v5.0 for Windows®, 558 KB, updated at Aug 16, 2016


As you see, it is very easy to use, just click the <Find Now!> button to get the result (large duplicate files) with fast speed.

Once done, the result will be shown automatically, and you can do some actions by clicking the toolbar buttons or the context menu items for the checked duplicate files / highlighted file. All the toolbar commands have tooltips and shortcut keys.

All things are very simple, just try it, and it is 100% FREE.

# Here are two things should be noted:

  • As you see, on the start interface, the "Scan All Hard Disks & Removable Storage Devices Except Operating System Drive" option is selected by default. Why? Because: 1. System drive already has some duplicate files by default, such as some DLL files. 2. Mistakenly deleted the files in system drive may cause the Operating System or some software cannot work properly.
    So, even you scanned system drive, we still recommend you do not delete the duplicate system files (such as .DLL, .EXE, .OCX), except these files are not located in the system folders (such as Program Files, Windows, Application Data).
  • There are a few hidden shortcuts on the Result interface: <Space/Double-click> - check/uncheck current row; <Enter> - open/run the file of current item. These are just the Windows operating habits.

# Here are some important operations, FYI.

Load Result (*.D2FM) on the Start Interface
Click the <Load> blue button (bottom left, first).

Set Finding Options (About Hidden / System Files, Excluding System / Special Folders)
Click the <Options> blue button (bottom left, third).

Only Retain One File for All Duplicate Groups (Clean All Others)
Check the needful file for each group, and then click the <Invert> button to invert the checks, at last, click the <Delete> button to delete all other unwanted files.
Tips: you may need to change the filter to see fewer files.
Download Download v5.0 for Windows®, 558 KB, updated at Aug 16, 2016

Softpedia's Review

QuoteFind large duplicate files and delete them from your computer in order to gain valuable storage space with the help of this intuitive application

In order for your computer to run smooth, besides protecting it with and antivirus, a good idea is to use cleaning applications, such as this duplicate cleaner free. You can quickly scan the computer and any attached storage devices for files of the same size and remove them to get more precious space.

Compact and easy to use

The main window of the application is pretty small, but manages to squeeze in everything you need to work with. Most space is taken up by rather unnecessary buttons that either let you spread news about the application over various social network sites, or take you online for various reasons.

Luckily, the "Find Now!" button captures your attention from the start, so you clean the computer as soon as possible. There are two scanning options available, one that includes every storage device, and the other same as above except the drive where your operating system is located.

This makes it pretty easy to use, but a more thorough selection method would have come in handy, as you can get stuck with no result if only working with one partition.

Quickly find duplicate files and clean them

Hitting the big "Find Now!" generates a result in a matter of seconds. A new window is brought up where duplicate files are enlisted, and sorted by default according to size in a descending order.

In case you are unsure whether to clean a file or not, you can open its location or run it to see what it's all about. By default, all files are left unchecked so you don't accidentally clean any file that could damage your computer if removed.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that duplicate file finder free gives a helping hand in cleaning your computer and freeing up a little more space on your hard disk drive. It can only detect files larger that 1MB, but it does a pretty good job. In case you need a little extra space, or just consider it's spring cleaning time for you computer, give this little utility a try.
Download Download v5.0 for Windows®, 558 KB, updated at Aug 16, 2016

Update History

Release/Update Date
Features / Improvements Bug Fixes
Aug 16, 2016
  • Important: optimized the interface greatly: more beautiful, friendlier and easier to use.
  • Important: uses the Segoe UI font which is used in Vista ~ Win10 and highly recommended by Microsoft for all interfaces, makes it to be more beautiful and friendlier greatly.
  • Important: changed the screenshots (website) from GIF to PNG, in order to let you see the clear and original interfaces.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
  • Optimized software texts.
  • Optimized the color of license type and "license to..." labels for about interface.
  • Changed the splitter color from black to gray for about interface to make it friendlier.
  • Optimized the installer, simplified the installed steps.
Oct 14, 2015
  • Important: perfected UI effect for any system DPI setting, in any supported Operating Systems (system DPI setting: in Windows 7, it can be changed at "Control Panel -> Appearance and Personalization -> Display -> Make text and other items larger or smaller").
  • Important: supports Windows 10.
  • Important: uses Golden Ratio for the main interface and its start position.
  • Beautified About interface.
  • Optimized software texts.
  • Optimized internal efficiency.
Apr 15, 2014
  • Displays the statistics of the checked files.
  • Supports to highlight the selected group.
  • Supports to open/run the highlighted file by a friendlier way: double-click.
  • Optimized some interface texts, especially, the singular and plural, e.g. file/files, folder/folders, byte/bytes, group/groups, second/seconds, minute/minutes, and so on.
Dec 03, 2013
  • Supports to save / load the result.
  • Adds the result filter (by size).
  • New user interface, more beautiful and friendlier.
  • Added option: Anyway, do NOT scan the system files (yes/no).
  • Added option: Anyway, do NOT scan the hidden files (yes/no).
  • Added option: Anyway, do NOT scan the following system / special folders. The default setting contains Windows, Program Files and Application Data for All Users / Current User folders, and more.
  • Supports to invert checks. Now, you can only check one file for all groups, and then click <Invert> button to check all other files (only retain one file for all groups).
  • Provides more statistics on the result interface, such as scanned files/folders/drives counts and size, the found files/groups counts and size, spent (seconds or minutes) and filtered files/groups counts and size.
  • Optimized the prompt displaying algorithm to get the faster scanning and comparing speeds.
  • Optimized the "Open/Run", "Open Location" and "Display Properties" actions: only for the highlighted file, not all checked files.
  • Does not need your confirmation for every file, only asks one time (with file counts) for all unwanted duplicate files before cleaning.
  • Uses the intelligent unit and decimal for file sizes and spent times.
  • Uses the thousands separator to display all numbers.
  • If it is finding duplicate files currently, it will show the prompt when you exit this program.
  • Does not allow you to change the search conditions during finding.
  • Prompts you to save the result when close the unsaved result window.
  • The more reasonable size categories.
  • Adds the following prompt to the result interface: It sorts the result by file size in descending and displays the two adjacent groups in different color, in order to help you to locate the larger unwanted files. By default, it does not check any file, please manually check the unwanted duplicate files for cleaning. Please retain one file for a group at least, unless you are sure that all files in this group are unwanted.
  • Moved all actions which need to run the default email client to the online webpages, in order to avoid the confusion if who has not a default email client.
  • Asks you to know the details of Plus edition when the result shows.
  • Does not display the grid in the result list.
  • Optimized its official webpage.
  • Sometimes, it does not set the colors for the adjacent groups properly after clean all files under a group.
  • A little wrong/unsuitable text.
Oct 04, 2013
  • Adds "Find Us on Facebook/Twitter/Google+" functions.
  • Adds "View All Duplicate File Finder Products" and "View Company Homepage" functions.
  • Activates the browser after opened a webpage.
  • Optimized the product logo.
  • Optimized the definition of software icons.
  • Reduced the installer size.
Jan 08, 2013
  • Publish as freeware.
  • Optimized performance: does all processes in the memory to make the speed increased more than 20 times.
  • Optimized the interface and documentation.
  • Can display the spent time on the result interface.
  • Added function: Show Properties for the checked duplicate files.
  • Added option: check system drive or not.
Sep 27, 2007
  • Added the following functions to the Result interface: Move to Recycle Bin, Uncheck All.
Oct 11, 2004
  • New release.
Download Download v5.0 for Windows®, 558 KB, updated at Aug 16, 2016


Download Download v5.0 for Windows®, 558 KB, updated at Aug 16, 2016

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Download Download v5.0 for Windows®, 558 KB, updated at Aug 16, 2016