Features Duplicate File Finder Mini Duplicate File Finder Plus Duplicate Photo Finder Plus Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus
Comparison Method File Size in Bytes (Not 100% Accurate, You Need to Identify the Result Before Delete Duplicate Files) File / Picture / Audio Content
Drives Only Hard Disks and Removable Disks All, Contain CD Drives and Network Drives
Files Only Large Files (1 MB+) All Only Picture Files Only Audio Files
Resources Selector Only Supports All Drives or All but System Drive Can Select Any Drives, Folders and Files
Size Selector Yes Yes Inapplicable Inapplicable
Type Selector / Input No Yes Yes Yes
Result Filter Yes Yes Inapplicable Inapplicable
Deleting / Moving Progress Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deleting / Moving Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save / Load Result Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set Excluding Folders / Files Yes Yes Yes Yes
File Types Manager Inapplicable Inapplicable Picture Types Audio Types
Picture Previews Inapplicable Inapplicable Yes Inapplicable
Smart Selection No Yes Yes Yes
Show Empty Files Inapplicable Yes Inapplicable Inapplicable
Set Comparing Algorithm No Yes Inapplicable Inapplicable
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QuoteI purchased 10 computer licenses to both Photo Finder and MP3 Finder about a year ago.
I am using about 6 of those licenses on 6 different computers all running Windows 10 (some Home, some Pro) and have not had any problems.
There are a number of similar programs out there to these two, but in my experience, these are the best.
If I had to mention one feature of these programs that I like best, and there are a lot of other good features, it is the speed with which the programs analyzes, highlights duplicates and allows you to delete. Other programs I have tried seem to take all day scanning drives/directories when you have a good number of photo or music files. - By John User for Duplicate Photo Finder Plus & Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus
QuoteThis is by far the best duplicate file finder I have found because of its easy use and method of filtering, I will most certainly be keeping this first-rate piece of software. - By Tata for Duplicate File Finder Plus
QuoteI have purchased/used 1Tree, Duplicate File Finder and Duplicate MP3 Finder – all with great success. I found the Duplicate MP3 Finder especially useful because I made backups of backups and didn’t know which files were my original, etc. This app is quite useful in finding and presenting duplicate files. - By Kyle for Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus
# Dec 16, 2021, Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus v17.2 released.
# Dec 13, 2021, Duplicate Photo Finder Plus v19.0 released.
# Dec 12, 2021, Duplicate File Finder Plus v21.0 released.
# Sep 20, 2019, the Traditional Chinese website is online.
# Sep 12, 2019, the Simplified Chinese website is online.
# Oct 11, 2017, Duplicate File Finder Mini (100% FREE) v7.0 released.