Why Need the Fastest Duplicate Files Finder?
In today's world, hard drives are getting bigger and bigger, the popular storage devices are measured in terabytes. So the comparing speed is the first factor to choose your handy duplicate files find tool. Using a fast enough software will save you a lot of time.
My Test and Result
I downloaded the popular tools and use my F: drive to do the test, 55.1 GB for 63,552 files in 4,892 folders.

The Result as Below
Rank Application Spent (Seconds)
1 Duplicate File Finder Plus 3
2 Fast Duplicate File Finder 32
3 Easy Duplicate File Finder 45
4 dupe Guru 48
5 Auslogics Duplicate File Finder 52

Here is the statistics screenshot of the fastest one - Duplicate File Finder Plus:
Fastest Duplicate File Finder

Sure, you can also test and verify the result by yourself.

More than Fastest
In my opinion, Duplicate File Finder Plus is a magical software - except fastest, the result is 100% accurate, scanning and comparing the content of so many files only taken 3 seconds, amazing!

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