Why need to search for duplicate files on Windows 10 / 11 computer?
There may be some duplicate files occupied your disk space, even more, they wasting your valuable time. So, you need to search for duplicates on your computer.
How to search for duplicate files on Windows 10 / 11 computer?
Material: a PC software (fast, simple, small and exact) – Duplicate File Finder Plus (D2FP).


Step 1: Get it from above official page or click below button:

For Windows Download Duplicate File Finder Plus to Search for Duplicates! Download

Step 2: Install the downloaded file, and launch it. Now, you will see below interface:
Start Interface
Screenshot 1: use our software to detect duplicate files and know about how to get rid of duplicate files.

Step 3: Searching for duplicate files.

For a simple and complete searching, just click the <Find Now!> button, after that, the progress area will display current processing, let you know about D2FP is searching for duplicate files now. And the Find button will change to <Stop Finding>, if you want to cancel searching, just click it.

Once the searching is finished, the result window will show instantly, and you can check the unnecessary files to remove them.

Next, I will introduce above searching conditions:
  • Select Resources: allow you to specify which files will be searched, you can specify drives, folders (also accepts working only in a folder), files at here. Also, it has a few user-friendly options, such as excludes CD Drive(s): because usually the files on CD are read-only and you may do not want and need to change CD files.
  • Select Size(s): you can specify the size of files to search, suggest you use the predefined options – only search 1 MB+ files, in order to quickly search the large duplicate files.
  • Select Type(s): checks the file types to do the searching. By default, D2FP checked the common types, you can also specify more types, such as other types with extension, the files have not extension, even specify types by input extension(s).
  • Others: first, please press <F7> to open the Options window, it provides you with some convenient and safe settings, such as search all sub folders of the specified path, do NOT search system and hidden files, do NOT search system folders, and you can add some folders for ignore them when searching. Consider to do a safe and convenient search for duplicates, we strongly suggest you do NOT change all these settings, except you have a special reason and you really know about what you are doing.
Now, I think you already know about how to search for duplicate files. At last, leave the download URL of our duplicate files finder here, click it to get it now.

For Windows Get D2FP, Searching for Duplicate Files on Computer Now! Download
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