Recently, I was troubled by crap in my computer, I always download familiar crap for many times because I couldn’t find them some time later, or I forgot whether I deleted them or not. Usually, I found the crap and could remember that I saw its brother just now, but I couldn’t find it even spent the whole afternoon on. The only question around my brain is how to delete duplicate from computer.

Until a few days ago, my friend Helen recommended me with this program, it was really a best duplicate file remover I used. You can have a look at the main interface of the best duplicate file remover below:

Deleting Duplicate Tool

I was being overwhelmed completely by plenty of features:
  • 1. Very small: 549 KB to download and only 1.53 MB even installed.
  • 2. "Complete matching" algorithms: it brings you identical twins and the accuracy is 100%.
  • 3. The amazing race experience: finds duplicate files within few seconds depending on the size, in general, it close to 0.
  • 4. Easy operation: just click a button once.
  • 5. A variety of file types: abounding types provide to you.
  • 6. Sweet features: Select Size(s), Save, Load and Invert, etc.
  • 7. Specialty versions for MP3 and photo clear.
  • 8. Concise interface: I can’t find any advertisements here.
As above reviews, these advantages are most worth my concern, but the trial version could only remove one file from computer, you can get full version on the homepage of the duplicate remover.

For Windows Free Download This Duplicate File Finder Software Now! Download
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