Recently, I browsed a software forum about how to clean duplicate files, it made me dizzy since there were plenty of file duplicate remover s, which spent me four hours to find a handy duplicate file checker named Duplicate File Finder Plus, where there is a will, there’s a way.
Compact Style of the Duplicate File Checker
The software’s interface is extremely concise as I took the first glance at it, and I couldn’t pick any advertisements from any corners of the main interface, it came straight to the point – main interface of the file duplicate remover were filled of practicable function icons and check boxes. Maybe thanks to my habit and I majored in science and engineering, I am fond of the type of this duplicate file checker. I am a pragmatist, you can have a try if you too.

Duplicate File Checker Start Interface
Screenshot: the start interface of our duplicate file checker, removal & manager.
Straightforward Interface of the Duplicate File Checker
The main interface was divided into seven sections so that I could find every function immediately when I wanted to use it. A logo and the name of the duplicate file searcher included in the Title Bar showed in front of my face, on the right of it, there is an icon which you can get the full version by clicking it. Looking down of the duplicate file searcher, there were four main sections, I could select resources, size (s) and type (s), and the last one provided me with the current progress of the duplicate file searcher, I would click the <Find Now!> button to get the result underneath the Current Progress after I complete selecting all I needed. In addition, I realized the information of the duplicate file searcher and the company at the lower left corner.
Result List of the Duplicate File Cleaner
After clicking the <Find Now!> button, only took me few seconds to get the result list of the duplicate file cleaner. Wow! It’s all too much! Where did they hidden so deep that I have never found one of them ever. At the top of the interface, the toolbar helped me to clean duplicate files. Correspondingly, at the bottom of it, three sections displayed the information of files I was operating.

How about it? I believed it was the best file duplicate remover I have used. It helped me to clean duplicate files as quickly as thought. There were a large number of file duplicate removers I have used, but they were either full of advertisements or function is not fully.

To know the official detailed information of this duplicate file cleaner and how does it locate & erase duplicate files, please visit the homepage of Duplicate File Finder Plus.

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